May 22, 2012

RC in Tokyo Part II

Let's see some of the gear I got from Sansui, Jumbo and Tackle Berry.
As I told you before, the stores were full of stuff and unless you have a limitless credit card you have to be careful not to burn your pockets and run out of limit. I tried to control myself and buy only those items that I considered worth buying and investing money (lol).


I got several braids. I think Japanese brands like Varivas and YGK offer the best braid out there. I found some nice deals on these two brands at Sansui. The first braid I got is the YGK G-Soul PE all category. This is an entry level braid with dynema 4 strands. It is a bit better inquality than the three strand G-soul X3 but I heard that it is a really good 4 strand braid for the price. The color is a pleasant white, the kind I like the most. A detailed review will be coming soon.

Another braid I got is the Varivas High Grade PE line. This is a brand new line as I never seen it before. Actually there was a nice ad on the japanese fishing magazine that introduces the line. It is a general purpose 4 strand PE line priced very good. I think the Japanese companies are trying to keep the cost down and enter the market of low priced braid. I think this is a valid alternative for braids like Power Pro or Tuf Line.
Review coming soon.


I got many lures. Today I am writing a short intro on two lures that I bought with much satisfaction and curiosity. The first one is the DUO Bay Ruf Manic 115. This is a lure that I was looking to buy as I did a small intro before here
This is what DUO says about the lure:

-The Manic Movement
The lure’s buoyancy, weighting, volume, and body shape have all been delicately adjusted. The action created by this sensitively balanced lure is a tight rolling only; there is no wobbling or sinusoidal action. The rolling action is so tight that some anglers will not even think it is moving; rest assured it does leave a vibrant wake even at the slowest retrieval speeds.
-Wake Performance
As soon as you initiate retrieval, the lure will float to the subsurface and create a exquisite wake. The tight rolling action will add a weak but unique swell in the V shaped wake, appealing more efficiently to the game fish.
-Casting distance
By moving the hook-eye from the tail section of the body, the lure was left with an aerodynamic pointed end. It has amazing castability for its size.
-Irregular action
With some twitching and jerking of the rod, the lure performs an irregular action reminiscent of bait-fish on the surface. A creative angler can find myriad uses for this lure.

The other lure is another new entry in the market. The Tackle House Bezel

This is a small but heavy minnow (36g for 100mm) that aims at pelagic fishes such as bonito and even little tunas. The hooks are owner ST-66 which are pretty much heavy duty. It is ideal for offshore casting and the action sure it is interesting. there isn't much info yet on this lure. Needs to be tried.

Contact and Love...only on Japanese lure boxes.

The Fish Gripper

This is a tool that I have reviewed before on my blog (here). I already own a very nice original boga grip but I was looking for something small to carry for my light fishing. The quality seems ok. I think it needs some grease as it looks too "dry". Anyway, the looks is cool, the carbon accent is great and the blue anodizing gives a nice touch. Just needs to be tested on some toothy fish like barracudas and bluefish!
You can get this gripper online too. It is available at C9 Tackle Store

Other lures and gear

I have got several used lures at Tackle Berry and a cool looking hip bag at Jumbo store. I will review those pretty soon.

This is a very nice (too bad I can't read) mook on shore jigging. 

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vehbi said...

Wellcome back..
Congrats RC..
I think it was awesome..
Seems to be that greater part is to meet and learn about Japan and Japanese..
I should also make plans for each 7 years..:)