April 24, 2012

More News From Seaspin

My Italian friends at Seaspin are working hard on a couple of new lures. Thanks to my friend Rusty's blog I had the chance to have a first glance to some amazing looking lures.
One of them is a very original popper prototype that has two major ports on the sides, probably for a very high "popping" and water displacement effect. It is rumored to be 140mm for 46g. We are talking about some medium heavy popper for first class Mediterranean predators such as leerfish and bluefish.

Interesting shape for this popper. The dual lateral ports
are expected to move lots of water on the surface.

The other surprise is the smaller sized  Mommotti 115. After the great success of the 140 and 180, the mommotti gets a small brother for situations where the fishes prefer smaller preys. I am sure it will be a success.

The famous Mommotti gets a resized version. 

The other prototype is a ultralight Buginu 55 (55mm for 4.5g).  Probably a great news for all the ultra-light enthusiasts out there.

The 2013 looks like a very promising year for the Italian Company. I'll keep an eye on the developments and share them on my blog. Tight lines!

Source: Captain Rusty Hook

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