February 24, 2012

DUO Press Bait Kamuy

This is an interesting lure by DUO. It is basically a jig minnow from the Press Bait series. They have the look of a minnow but they are castsand have an action like a jig.

I heard good things about the Press bait series and especially the Saira. My friend UrbanCastman takes nice fishes in Italy with the Saira.
The Kamuy model was designed for salmon trout fishing in the Hokkaido. It has a slim body that mimics bait-fish and comes with a single salmon hook (Owner s-61 1/0 single hook) that give a solid hold.
My friend told me that has an amazing fluttering movement during the drop. It just flutters attracting the fishes.
When searching over Google I have found pictures of bonitos and garfishes taken with the kamuy.
I have been impressed also by the special assist cord of the hook. It is a short loop that is formed by a very short assist cord. It gives flexibility to the whole hook.

Length : 110mm
Weight: 25g
Type: Sinking

I definitely need to try it soon.
In the meantime please check these amazing photos of the Kamuy taken by my friend Kaywox. He is a fine angler and photographer. You can see the Press Bait Kamuy in its complete beauty.


Kaywox said...

I thank your words are addressed to me ;)

talking about kamuy... I want to send her the water tomorrow, I have many positive expectations about it ;)

I want to take to get you up to congratulate this amazing blog.

RC fishing said...

Thank you very much Ze! Please let me know about your experience with the Kamuy!

Kaywox said...

OK ;)

Henry Gilbey said...

It's a great lure. I was put on to it by a French bass angler I know and I bought one specifically for one location we fish in Ireland when he explained to me how it worked - and I caught a bass on my first ever cast with it !! Result. It flutters and moves backwards a bit when you let it drop.

RC fishing said...

Thank you Henry. I saw your post on the Kamuy. I definitely need to try it. I think it can catch pelagic fishes like false albacore and bonitos.