February 27, 2012

DUO Goes To NA

So, I have already wrote about what I think of DUO strategy in the international market. They are one of the first  Japanese companies to came up with a good marketing plan in order to expand their market on an international levels. I admire their lures as much as their effort to promote them worldwide. They make good use of the website (the English pages are great), facebook and keep in touch with key bloggers around the world.
Now they made a big step by entering one of the biggest markets available : North America.

Indeed the NA market is a big one but also very competitive. The are hundreds of companies already involved in the market and it might take some time for DUO to gain some share. On the other hand the products are excellent so is the team that DUO has setup on the other side of the pond.
I heard that the first biggest step will be in the freshwater market, with products of the Realis range.The Realis  lures dedicated to bass fishing, a big thing in the US.
I am sure they will be successful with this new and ambitious project. I believe it will be all easy when you have a winner in your hand and a well executed sales/marketing effort.
They already have a new Facebook Page. Give it a look.

I wish DUO North America good luck!!!

Some of the lures that will be available in North American stores soon:

Realis Minnow80SP

Realis Spin Bait 60

Realis Vibration 62

Realis Pencil 110

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