January 10, 2012

Seaspin Jack Spin Links

I think a good snap is essential in lure fishing. It is a crucial link between the lure and the leader and sometimes it might get stressed by a big fish. I have already wrote a few words on snaps here. 

Seaspin Jack Spin Link 20. 

Here is attached to a Daiwa Saltiga Minnow 12cm.

I like especially the Decoy Egg snap and the breakaway spin link. The breakaway link is strong and easy to use but it is too bulky and big for my type of fishing. I always looked for a snap designed as a "paper clip" that would not be too big and interfere with the swimming action of my lures. Finally I think I have found something for giving a try. The Italian company Seaspin makes a interesting snap named Jack Spin-Link. An hybrid between a Decoy Egg and a breakaway. Looking by the picture is a winner for me. It is compact, the "water drop" shape should allow good movement and the paper clip type attachment looks solid. It comes in 3 sizes but I like the 20lb better for my fishing. The snap itself looks more solid than the 20lb test rating. I don't know why it is rated at 9.6kg. Anyway I think it matches my type of fishing with no problem. Now it is time to try it on the water.

Compared to the Breakaway. The Seaspin is more compact.

Here are some specs:

Length: 13mm. 
Material: Alloy Steel AISI 316-Ti
Available sizes: 20lb / 35lb / 70lb
Designer: Marco Calloni

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vehbi said...

it seems quite good snap.I liked it.
thanks Reha!