January 8, 2012

Seaspin Buginu

The guys at the Italian company Seaspin have a small range of lures in the catalogs, yet their lures are sure winners. I have to admit that I have heard a lot about them but didn't have the chance to see them in real life for a long time. Now I have some of those lures in hand and before testing in the water near home I decided to write an introduction and take some nice photos.

I have friends that have already enjoyed many fishes with these lures. The most used one seems to be the Mommotti 140 and 180. The other two lures that Mediterrean fishes seems lo love are the Coixxedda 100 and the Buginu 140. Today I am writing a short intro about the Bugino. Also with some help from their website.

The Buginu is a lure characterized by a innovative lip design that gives it an unique performance and produces sharp and fast vibration while swimming. The casting performance  also is great and the lip allows to keep the movement in strong current. It has an inner armor reinforced lip and size 4 treble hooks.
As told above, it is a lure that is doing very well in the Mediterrean sea. There are many reports online (with pictures) of barracudas, bluefish and seabass taken with the Bugino. It has a different look than other minnows. It would be interesting to see if it catches some of the nice seabasses that we have here. More details later.

Bugino Specs:
Type: slow sinking minnow, long casting
Lenght: 140mm
Weight: 28 g (1 oz)
Treble hooks: Size #4
Depth Range: 60-120 cm (2-4 ft)


Slow retrieve: light wobbling
Regular retrieve: wobbling & light rolling
Fast retrive: wide wobbling & rolling
Jerking: Beginning and ending each jerk with a slack period after single to multiple jerks.  Increase frequency between jerks and pauses as fish activity level increases.

The lip of the Bugino is pretty original.  It allows the minnow to dive deep.

There are many reports of barracudas taken in Italy with the Buginu 140.

A nice bluefish got fooled.

Smallest sizes are on the works. Something is expected for 2013.

More info:

Seaspin website
Additional photo and info sources: Rusty

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