January 26, 2012

News from DUO: Realis Minnow 80SP

I am a fan of saltwater lures because I "love" fishing in the salt. However sometimes I use lures that are designed for freshwater fishing but that are excellent on the fishes that I catch. In Europe, anglers usually say that the seabass can be caught with almost everything that is used for freshwater bass. Small minnows or soft lures always got the interest of the European seabass.

Realis is the name of  lures for freshwater bass made by DUO. They keep expanding this line with new models and 2012 looks like an interesting year.
There is a lure that caught my attenton the Minnow 80SP. I like it a lot. 80mm for 4.8g and many colors to choose from. This lure is a suspending model ideal for twitch and jerk technique.
The price is good (1.100YEN) and I am very interested in the D-62 and D-77 colors. The D-62 especially for some murky waters.
It looks like a terrific lure for some seabass fishing in port area or calm estuary waters. Oh, also I am sure it will be terrific for catching some freshwater bass as well.
Check it here

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