January 15, 2012

A new hook for the Surface Tension Lure

I have talked about this amazing topwater lure here.
What didn't look right for me was the original single hook that comes standard on the lure. I have made some research and by using some creativity I have come up with a short assist hook. It is essentially a Owner Aki hook with a very short assist cord and solid ring. Now it is time to test it. If anybody has already tested this combo please send me a comment. I always look for innovation and different alternatives when it comes to hooks.

Original Hook:

This is how it looks now:


vehbi said...

Rehacan, it looks quite diffent lure for topwater.I love topatwer for WTD action. What sort of action does it has.. Can you alos give a bit info about this lure if you are using..

Henry Gilbey said...

Rehacan - these lures look very similar to what the guys in South Africa tend to call "chisel plugs". Very simple, they cast like bullets, and they last for ages. I have caught leerfish/garrick on them in southern Angola and also GTs in the Seychelles before Xmas. They use those flat ones and also some round ones, usually with one single hook on as in your photos. You can get them in all kinds of weights and sizes in SA.

RC fishing said...

These things are amazing. Cheap, reliable and strong. I'll look for the "chisel plugs". Thank for the comment.