January 2, 2012

Introduction to Light Rock Fishing

I am very interested in ultra light fishing and I try to "absorb" any info that I can find on the net regarding this quite new type of lure fishing that is spreading in Europe.

Yesterday I ended up in a very interesting article written by a fishing store specialized in LRF. The name of the store is "The Art of Fishing" and is located in the U.K. It sells lots of Japanese tackle with a focus on light stuff.

The article in question is an introduction to LRF (Light Rock Fishing) and I think it is written superbly. In a few paragraphs you get the idea on what tackle you need to start this terrific and addicting type of fishing.

Read it and enjoy.

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fs said...

Hi everyone, ultra light was in vogue as those of you in their mid40s will remember for freshwater fishing back in the 80s in the US.
It's a lot of fun still for largemouth and smallmouth bass and various other species like panfish and I guess LRF is the saltwater version now. I still spend a lot of time here in Turkey going ultralight for freshwater species .Have you ever fished with a ZOKA which is basically a jighead for bait fishing for fish like LUFER= Bluefish ? We used to fish with a very light ZOKA in the Bosphorous for some giant sized horsemackerel, that was our LRF back then .Now modern tackle and a lot of plastics open new doors for the new age fisherman. Bye the way why do you name your page RC fishing? Cheers ,

RC fishing said...

Thanks for your comment.
I am from Turkey too. Send me an email to rcfishing01@gmail.com