January 26, 2012


50 is not a great number but it means a lot to me. Today I have reached 50 followers and this makes me really happy.
I have started this blog in October and in a short time I have met new friends and received good comments from all over the world.
My intention is to keep this blog always updated and easy to read. It is just an hobby, a way to keep in touch with the world of fishing and share my experiences and ideas about this great outdoor sports.

I thank everybody for reading my posts and giving me support. It is much needed and appreciated.

I hope to write a post that says "100" in a short time :)


Γιώργος Ταχ. said...

I hope you write a post that says "500" and more in a short time
because frankly you do very good work and I love your page.

my wishes for the best


Dim.Siozos---SeaSpinning,net said...

I think you do a great job.
In my opinion, your blog has the momentum to reach the 100 very soon.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards...

RC fishing said...

Thanks a lot for your kind comments!