December 2, 2011

Say "Cheese" Tide Minnow!

I like photography. I like fishing. When you combine both passions the result can be quite pleasing.

I enjoy taking pictures of everything I find interesting and aesthetically appealing. This is why nice fishing lures and my camera are good friends. I took them out of the boxes, brand new, and take photos.

The latest one I considered worthy of taking pictures is this amazing Tide Minnow SLD-F by DUO. It is a real work of art. When you inspect it close and take some macro pictures you understand the meaning of "quality" and aesthetic. This is a good reason for me to grab my camera and put it under some bright light.
The colors are brilliant, the lure's eyes look sharp, almost with a personality. I consider this photo session as a way to thank the lure before taking it out fishing. Sooner or later it will be bitten by fishes, hit rocks or worst, got lost somewhere deep in the sea.

OK, so it is good looking and made with the utmost care by our friend at DUO. How it works, how it swims? These are questions that I will answer once I have the time to take it out for some testing. Right now the weather and the fishing conditions are not optimal.
First chance and the lure will be out in the water waiting to fool some nice seabass. Which I think this lure is perfect for that job.

Some details.

In the meantime lets read what DUO says about this lure on its official page:

An Entry Model 12 cm Minnow
A seabass lure’s castability does not only give a great advantage to the angler, but is also an important factor for keeping up his motivation. The Tide-Minnow SLD series was developed as a slim-type, long distance model, with castability as the top priority. It is a basic model that can be used in a wide range of locales (surf, estuaries, off the rocks, etc).  It features a ‘wobble and roll’ action with a pleasant feel. It is able to catch the small-scale flows in the current, even when retrieved slowly.  With its great castability, it is the perfect entry model.

Type: Floating
Action:Wobble & Roll
Hook: Owner ST46 #6

Those yellow eyes...

...they just follow you.
By the way, the Tide Minnow has also a Facebook page!

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