December 16, 2011

For all the soft lure fanatics

The other day I found this very nice Japanese online shopping website named Fishing Square.

They only sell in Japan and do not ship overseas (as I am aware of) but I am writing about it because it is one definitely one of the most detailed website I have ever seen.
The amount of effort put on this site is enormous. You will get the idea once you start browsing the hundreds of products. Every product sold here  is described to the smallest details with close ups, diagrams, comparison charts, size charts and hook-lure combination ideas.

Fishing Square is great because if you are looking for a certain hook or worm, you can rely on this website for reference. It is useful because you can take a rules and figure out exactly what you need by checking the hundreds of charts available on the site.

Chart shows all the sizes available of these Owner Hooks.

Amazing details given about this Daiwa jig head. It is the same for hundreds of products.

Soft Lure size comparison.

Give it a look, the charts and close up photos are great to check. If you have Google translate you can even have more fun!
Great close up picture.

RC Fishing rate:

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