December 20, 2011

Book: The Fishermen's Ocean

I have read many books about fishing. Most of them tells stories or explains how to catch fish. However this book "The Fishermen's Ocean" written by David Ross stands apart. The book is written by a oceanographer who happens to be also an avid fisherman. For this reason the book is a guide to fishing written by a scientific standpoint. Ross explains how to catch fish by analyzing tides, currents, rips, moon phases, weather conditions, fishes' biology, fishes' behavior, etc.

It provides with almost 300 pages of useful information about our oceans and it is a book that has to be in your library if you are interested not only in catching fish but understand the environment where they live.
Ross, being a fly fisherman living on the East Coast of the US, focuses the book on mostly fishing situations common to the Atlantic Ocean but it is definitely recommended for all the anglers in the world.

You can find more information on this book on this link.

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