November 24, 2011

Zip Baits ZBL System Minnow 9F

I like trying  new lures from different companies. Lately I have discovered Zip Baits, as usual, a Japanese company that makeshigh quality lures. I am always interested in those small 7-9cm lures that I can use in calm waters in search of seabass near home. These kind of lures give the best when used with light tackle. In my case I combine these sized lures with a 7-8ft  7-21gr. rods that have a fast-moderate action. Add a 2500 sized reel with 0.8 PE and you have a great combo.

The Zip Bait lure in question is the ZBL System Minnow 9F. A small floating minnow that thanks to the "mag-drive" system (tungsten weight shifting system) allows long casts. I have to admit that I still don't know how it swims but these type of lures are always welcome in my lure box. My local seabass love these kind of lures and I will definitely write a review once I take it out for a cast.
For now just enjoy a portrait picture I took today and a link to the Zip Baits site.

Color 718 for me please!

From the Zip Baits website.

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