November 16, 2011

Yellow Eyed Devil: Bluefish

"Yellow Eye Devil, Toothy Critter, Gator, Tailor...Call it whatever you want, but the "Bluefish" (Pomatomus Saltatrix) is one of those game fish that has made the history of saltwater lure fishing. Perhaps is the fish that can qualify as one of the most common predators taken by lures around the globe.

They fish it extensively in the US Eastern Shore as well as in the Mediterrean Sea in Europe.
It is a fish aggressive that attack lures with no mercy.

The Pomatomus Saltratix (Scientific Name) is a real fighter. It is known for its spectacular jumps (hence Saltatrix) it makes once hooked. I had the chance to hook this fish both in Massachusetts and in Europe. It is a fish that I respect most, with its menacing yellow eyes, razor sharp tooth and a tenacious force.
I always like to induce them to attack topwater lures such as pencils and poppers. Seeing the fish take the lure on the surface is quite exciting!.

Just wanted to dedicate an introduction post about this fish. Planning to write more about it and add some nice reports.

 For now, If you like to know more about this amazing fish please check the links below.

Pomatomus Saltatrix

Myself with a 11 Lb Bluefish caught in New England on a Yo-zuri Popper.

A nice link about the Bluefish in the US (East Coast)
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

Books about Bluefish:
"Blues" By John Hersey

"Saltwater Game Fishes of the World: An Illustrated History" by Bob Dunn , Peter Goadby 

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