November 27, 2011

Angler's High

There is one form of lure fishing that I consider being at the top of the fishing "pyramid".
Imagine yourself on a rock, standing 10 metres high from the sea and casting heavy lures or jigs seeking some aggressive heavyweight pelagic fish. Equipped with 10ft heavy duty rods, 6000 Saltiga Reels, 60 gr. lures to cast to the infinite Ocean.

This is literally what this brave angler from Japan is doing and sharing it all on his personal page Angler's High.
The site is simple in design but the amount of reports, photos and links are mesmerizing.
It seems that the site got so much attention on the net that he started including a special English page (see here).
There isn't much else to add. Just have a look at the reports and be ready for some great pics. This guy lands enormous GT's from shore at night. Enough said. Enjoy!! A+

Ultimate Land Based Saltwater Lure Fishing

No need to comment this one. GT from shore!

Big lures and Hiramasa. Amazing combo!

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