October 24, 2011

Maria Lures

In my second post in this blog I have talked about my first lure being a Maria Blues Code.
The Maria company is a great lure maker. They are reasonable priced (to JDM standards) and they catch fish. I have tried at least 6-7 models in the lineup and they never let me down.

I have to admit that Maria puts interesting and original names to their lures. They sound almost exotic and sometimes cool. :)  Angel Kiss, Pop Queen, Mucho Lucir, Mar Amigo, Wise Dog. Sure they don't lack of creativity.

One of my favorite poppers. Pop Queen.
It casts a mile and has the "perfect" popping retrieve. I have used both the 80 and 130mm sizes.
Available Size and weight:

Here is the website where you can find more details about the lures. They even have an English section now!

Check it out : Maria Official Webpage

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